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Post  OmNom on Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:45 pm

When a war is not being fought in a battlefield, that battlefield's forum will be locked. The point of the wars is to kill everybody on the opposing team. The spoons get 150 health for their leader, 100 health for their mods (spoonknight), 50 health for peasants and 25 health for slaves. The cheese peoples have double that health. Before you rage and say it isnt fair The max dmg for spoon peoples is 10, and 5 for the cheese peoples. Everybody is allowed 3 rolls (when you reply to thread, under the Send button, theres a roll, use your button to attack somebody on the other team as the message). If you still have health, you can attack, but if you don't, your attacking abilities are gone. When you lose a war, all members on the losing team lose 10 maximum health, until they win (or spend 10 cheese healing themselves) The members who are in the Hunters alliance can attack BOTH sides, and can be attacked by both sides. If you attack them, you LOSE 1 cheese and 1 spoon, unless they have attacked you first. Wars are over when the leaders die.

Hunters can use the snipe move, in which there is a 1/10th chance of one hit koing. You may ONLY snipe ONCE a day.


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